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Special features in biokinesis – The pain intensity

Today I'll tell you what the pain intensity can tell you:

If you are in such pain you have not pushed, you have not eaten anything wrong, but suddenly there is pain, toothache, abdominal pain, headache …, just like that, in the middle of a situation, then someone is thinking of you. This someone wants something from you. You can see how much he wants it by the level of pain. The stronger your pain, the greater the interest of the other to get his question answered.
If your headaches are easy, someone has an easy question for you. If they are strong, then someone wants to know something very strong and doll of you.
If you have a bad headache, you can respond by answering your questions to other people. You have to decide yourself. Maybe you do not want that at all. Is also okay. But you have to decide for yourself, do you prefer the headache caused by the other's question, or do you want to give the other person the information he wants? I suspect that most people choose pain rather than answer their questions to other people. But it can be very helpful to simply give the other person what he wants to know, because then you will release the pain.
Your heartache is the bigger, the more someone loves you. The stronger someone wants to have sex with you, the worse is the pain in the genitals or in the stomach. The itch on the foot is just so strong and painful when someone just wants to know why you are not there where you are right now.
The amount of interest in the other, it produces pain in you. Strong pain is of great interest to others.